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FHR Awarded $6,000 Training Grant from PCHF


Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) a non-profit organization providing behavioral health services across seven states, has received $6,000 from Phoenixville Community Health Foundation. This funding will enable FHR’s programs in Pennsylvania to implement DLA-20, a newly mandated outcomes assessment tool.

DLA-20 was developed by the National Council for Behavioral Health to measure key, critical daily living areas impacted by mental illness, substance use, and intellectual disorders. It provides a 30-day overview of 20 domains and a summary of strengths and needs at a specific point related to whole health.  DLA-20 supports the functional assessment data needs of service providers and delivers a simplified way to identify where improved outcomes are needed so that clinicians can more effectively address specific areas of individualized treatment plans.

“This grant will enable FHR to provide our Pennsylvania employees with skills and training so that we can deliver the highest quality care to the individuals in our programs,” said Michael Pacheco, FHR Director of Clinical and Quality Operations. “We look forward to continuing to enhance our staff development efforts, with support from the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation.”

About the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation
The mission of the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation is to improve the health and quality of life for people in the greater Phoenixville region by increasing access to quality healthcare services and promoting healthy communities through grantmaking and collaboration with health, civic, business, and community. To learn more, visit www.pchf1.org.

About FHR
Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. fosters hope and recovery. We provide behavioral health services to improve the quality of life for individuals living with mental illness and addiction disorders. FHR serves more than 8,000 individuals through a person-centered approach across 7 states – Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

In Pennsylvania, FHR offers an extensive network of supportive programs, including: Blended Case Management Services, Outpatient Mental Health Services, Mobile Mental Health, Psychiatric Rehabilitation (site-based and mobile), and Peer Recovery Services. To learn more about our mission, programs, and community initiatives in Pennsylvania, click here or contact our regional office in Phoenixville at (610) 415-9301.