FHR is an Elwyn affiliated organization.
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Resources Regarding FHR’s Affiliation Announcement

FHR’s announcement to affiliate with Elwyn:

FHR to Affiliate with Elwyn

Strategic partnership joins FHR's behavioral healthcare programs with Elwyn's service network for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral health needs, driving greater integration of healthcare delivery.

Elwyn, a nonprofit human services organization supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and behavioral health needs in California, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR), a nonprofit behavioral healthcare organization with services spanning seven states, have announced that the organizations have signed an affiliation agreement.
This new partnership positions Elwyn and FHR to fulfill an unmet need in the current healthcare environment. Working together, the organizations are now uniquely poised to provide a coast-to-coast continuum of care and enhanced services to meet a wide range of IDD and behavioral health support for individuals and families of all ages.
Additionally, the affiliation enables both organizations, whose missions are aligned to support and empower individuals with diverse challenges, to leverage 209 combined years of clinical expertise and experience for accelerated strategic growth.
"Our affiliation with FHR expands the footprint of our rapidly growing behavioral health division while presenting new network opportunities to leverage Elwyn's educational, residential, and employment services. This transaction is the first of several affiliations we expect to conclude in years ahead as we expand our current $400 million revenue base," commented Charles McLister, Elwyn President & CEO.
The agreement is the result of a comprehensive process unanimously approved by both organizations' board of directors. Upon consummation of the affiliation, Elwyn will become the sole member of FHR.
According to NADD, the association for persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs, statistics show that individuals with an IDD have a significantly heightened risk of also having a mental illness - between 30-35% of all people with an IDD are also diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder.

Living with a co-occurring disorder can have an adverse impact on a person's quality of life and ability to function in society, including complications with residing in the community, taking part in educational and/or vocational opportunities, as well as maintaining family and peer relationships.
"By merging our service offerings, FHR and Elwyn will have the ability to better treat individuals as a whole, instead of requiring those in our care to seek treatment from multiple organizations to service their needs," said Debra M. Paul, FHR President & CEO. "I know firsthand the talents of FHR's dedicated team, and have tremendous respect for Elwyn as providers and innovators. I am thrilled to begin this next chapter and partnership together."
Ms. Paul will continue to serve as CEO of FHR, and the current FHR programs will remain under the name Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. 
Founded in 1852, Elwyn is a premier, internationally recognized human services nonprofit organization. We are the provider of choice for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as physical, medical, emotional, and behavioral health challenges. Since our inception, Elwyn has been at the forefront of innovation and is known for our transformative compassionate care. To learn more, visit www.elwyn.org.

What does this mean for individuals receiving services from FHR?

Since FHR first opened its doors in 1975, our priority has remained steadfast – to assist individuals in improving their behavioral health, well-being, and quality of life. FHR remains focused on this priority, and will continue to foster hope and recovery for all individuals in our care and manage our programs.

In addition, this partnership will position FHR to provide additional resources to treat those living with co-occurring disorders (behavioral health and developmental disabilities).

Additional questions?

Please contact the regional director in your area regarding additional questions: