FHR is an Elwyn affiliated organization.

Faces of Recovery - Lenny C.


Meet Lenny, an individual from FHR’s Fairwinds Clubhouse in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

I’ve lived in Falmouth almost 30 years.  I started working at Falmouth beaches about 8 years ago. I got the job through Fairwinds when it was still behind Rite Aid. Coming in and helping out and volunteering my time during the work ordered day, I decided I wanted to do more, and started working for the beach. I met my employer through Fairwinds, met him here at the Clubhouse, and filled out my application from Town Hall and have been working here ever since.  I received two plaques since I started working for them in recognition of my service.   

I have two town jobs, a year round job cleaning for the Harbormaster, and a seasonal job cleaning the Falmouth Beaches. My day begins at 5:00 am. I’m done with work about 9:30. I also clean up after the Falmouth Road Race, which is the biggest event in the Falmouth community.  

My job has gotten me to respect other people as well as myself. I’ve met a lot of different people from different states and different countries and it’s broadened my horizons. Fairwinds has been immensely helpful in keeping my employment. I stay in touch with Fairwinds and the town people, I’m well known and respected, and I never had that before. I will tell anyone seeking work to stick with it, there’s going to be hard times no matter what ... it does me good, it humbles me, and it’s a rewarding feeling.   

- Lenny C.