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LISTENING TO THE RAILS: The Future of High Speed Rail in Hampton Roads

By Future of Hampton Roads, June 8, 2013

Future of Hampton Roads considers effective rail service imperative to the economic development of our region.  There are tremendous efforts in place to get us back to where we need to be. It began in December 2012 with traditional rail service once again running out of Norfolk. A great step, but one that should eventually give way to the establishment of High(er) Speed Rail. Norfolk to DC in 2-3 hours is but one goal and example. This paper brings the reader up to speed on where we are but what we need to do to advance.

We need awareness and support from citizens, business and the military to engage and ask for the right deliverables and to support the establishment of Amtrak High Speed Rail service. Our region's future economic strength relies on several factors including transportation and the creation of effective rail solutions.



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