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Consider the opportunity of developing leadership skills that can assist in your employment as well as being an involved citizen.

The report Leadership Skills Give Job Candidate Edge identifies the fact that some employers look at leadership as a differentiator for hiring. Once can assume for promotion as well (if already employed).

When in a job position, certainly people may want to strive for proving their leadership prowess so that they can be provided greater and greater areas of job responsibility (with subsequent resources and budget). Essentially, it's how some "climb the corporate ladder".

So what could one do to accelerate that proof concept, while demonstrating passion, interest and participation in their area?

Think about getting involved!

There are many opportunities for involvement in our area. Many not-for-profits, many social challenges, with everything needing participants and energy.

Even at FHR, we have Transportation, Economic Competitiveness, Regional Cooperation, Metropolitan Synergy and Enabling Next Gen Success.

Consider the opportunity to become involved as your demonstration of personal leadership.

You get to be a champion for something you believe in.

You get to contribute to "moving the needle" on a cause.

You get to learn via indirect mentorship from others.

You get to carry all that you've learned into you place of employment to reapply those learnings and, just maybe, give yourself the edge over your competition while helping your business succeed.

Getting involved as a young leader can be very important to our regional needs and to your personal growth as well.

A recommended read from FHR is The Metropolitan Revolution.  Click HERE for a brief review and HERE for our BLOG with a bit more detail (but not too much).

The Metro Revolution

This book is a GREAT place to start in terms of learning about the regional leadership needs of the future.

Go ahead and get involved.

Future of Hampton Roads