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Public Comment Input, Rail projects in the next SYIP, 2013-2018

Date: May 14, 2012

Title:  FY 2013-2018 draft SYIP (Six-Year Improvement Program)

Status as of 6/2012:  SYIP is pending CTB approval.  Peninsula and Southside passenger rail incremental improvement projects should be included in the SYIP.


Public Comment Input, HRTPO Performance Measures for Passenger Rail

Date: April 9, 2012

Title: HRTPO Regional [Passenger Rail] Performance Measures (RPM), Draft Final Values and Targets

Status as of 6/2012:  Needs more work.  One way or another, state level data, rail corridor level and train station level performance metrics need to be organized and tracked reliably. 


Public Comment Input, rail planning at the regional level

Date:  August 15, 2011

Title:  Planning for Intercity Passenger Rail in Hampton Roads, and Making the TPO a “Safe Place” and a Must Place” for regional decisions

Status as of 6/2012:  Needs more work.  The TPO’s Regional Rail Task Force is scheduled to meet 31 July.


Public Comment Input, rail right-of-way acquisition

Date:  June 27, 2011

Title:  Federal legislation and planning for passenger rail systems

Status as of 6/2012: New federal legislation not yet approved.  Hampton Roads needs to monitor this pending opportunity and make land purchases along the abandoned line through Bower’s Hill as soon as practical.


Public Comment Input, prioritizing rail projects

Date:  January 17, 2011

Title: HRTPO Prioritization of [Rail] Transportation Projects: Project Evaluation and Scoring

Status as of 6/2012:  Needs more work.  Rail is new to the (now excellent) TPO’s regional transportation prioritization process.  Rail is also different from the normal highways and bridges evaluation process, but it must be integrated and addressed.



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