MSA Description and Data

March 2013, Hampton Roads MSA changes with the loss of Surry County VA, gain of Gates County NC.

Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC Metro Area (2013)

Principal Cities: Virginia Beach, VA; Norfolk, VA; Newport News.

Chesapeake city, VA; Gloucester County, VA; Isle of Wight County, VA; James City County, VA; Mathews County, VA; York County, VA; Hampton city, VA; Newport News city, VA; Norfolk city, VA; Poquoson city, VA; Portsmouth city, VA; Suffolk city, VA; Virginia Beach city, VA; Williamsburg city, VA, Currituck and Gates Counties, NC

Hampton Roads 2013

Some observations about this document:

Page 1:
Our Federally designated MSA actually has 16 jurisdictions rather than 15.  Based on socio-economic data, the federal government included Currituck, NC in our Hampton Roads MSA.


Page 8:
Here it states that Hampton Roads is the largest MSA between Atlanta and DC.   Unfortunately, this is no longer true—Greater Charlotte surpassed Hampton Roads in the 2007-08 time frame.


Pages 15-17:
This discussion of transportation addresses only air travel, not passenger rail travel and highways (to much extent).


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