Future of Hampton Roads


Documents of the Hampton Roads Regional Structure Project.


A. Case Statement, Milestone Reports and Conference Proceedings

1. Case Statement in support of the Regional Structure Project (01/04)

2. Summaries of Project Phases

Report No.1: How the Region Works (06/05)

Report No.2: Transforming the Regional Structure (02/06)

Report No.3: Recommendations of the Regional Structure Project (10/08)

3. Conference Proceedings

On Regional Structure: 7/27/05, 1/14/06, 2/21/06, 1/28/06

On Regional Unity: 4/26/08

B. Study Group Reports

1. Recommendations for Strengthening Regional Governance

SG1A Hampton Roads Metropolitan Council (02/07)

SG1B HRMC – Legal Issues (incorporated in SG1A)

SG1C HRMC – Regional Services Review (10/06)

2. Recommendations for the Hampton Roads Partnership

SG2 Strengthening the Hampton Roads Partnership (01/07)

SG2A Board Structure (01/07)

SG2B Visioning and Measurement (01/07)

SG2D HRP – Legislative Agenda (January 2007)

3. Recommendations on Regional Transportation Planning

SG3 MPO Study Group Report (09/07)

4. Recommendations for Improving Regional Efficiency

SG4  Improving Regional Efficiency (05/08)

SG4A Commission on Local Government Operations (02/07)

SG4B Hampton Roads Regional Tourism Strategy (02/07)

SG4C Workforce Investment Board(10/07)

SG4D Charter Amendment Process(10/07)

2. Recommendations for the Hampton Roads Partnership

SG5 Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement (10/07)

CCE: Business Plan of the HRCCE (10/07)



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